Hi, everyone!

I am Mandarine from MJ tour in Yangon, Myanmar.


Tonight I would like to show you some of photos of Night Market in Yangon.

Due to our shortage of electricity in town, sometime we feel so dark to take a walk at night market in Yangon.


Don’t be scared!!

Exciting street is waiting for you!!


Yangon city is so safe actually, because most of Myanmar people are gentle hearted.

No robberies, no pick pockets, neither murders.


OK,  Now let’s see how street market is.



Plenty of organic fruits, vegetable, eggs, and so on.


I like this shop.🔽


It’s like Takoyaki in Japan.

Made of flour mix with water, and some veggies inside.

Good with beer~~!


But today i just made my day with this bowl of noodle.



This is it!

The traditional Burmese food.

Now I can sleep well!!


Thank you for today.

See you!